Who We Are

Van Craeynest is proud to offer an oasis of design in a world that has forgotten the importance of knowing how to create jewelry from inside out.
The combination of original designs, along with the skill and knowledge to execute these designs, results in unsurpassed quality, enduring sentiment, and breathtaking jewelry. 

Simply put, Van Craeynest creates poetry in metal.

When an individual of taste and discernment desires a truly elegant, handcrafted piece of jewelry, Van Craeynest is the only option.

Since our beginnings in the first part of the last century, we have been creating the finest jewelry available. We have kept the original traditions of jewelry making alive.

Each piece is hand crafted, by means of chasing, carving, engraving, and die-striking, to create the finest in personal ornamentation.
The antique styles are expertly rendered exactly as the originals, to create exquisite Victorian and Art Deco engagement rings and wedding rings.