Katie Gregersen 12-15-2014

I was married in 2008 and my husband researched and purchased my engagement ring without my knowing. I wanted a piece of authentic estate/Victorian jewelry but was afraid of the durability of an authentic vintage ring. My husband found Van Craeynest after researching for several months. When he called, he spoke directly with Larry Van Craeynest who helped guide him regarding what alloy of metal to choose and what size loose diamond to purchase that would compliment the setting my husband had chosen, etc. My husband went on to purchase a matching band for our wedding through Van Craeynest as well, and I can truthfully say my wedding set is absolutely stunning. I am complimented on it very regularly and always by people who have equally profound and beautiful quality jewelry; who seem to know their stuff. My wedding set is sincerely beautiful and very authentic to the Victorian style. It definitely stands apart from the overly manufactured "victorian" or "vintage" style rings that are now more popular at the larger chain jewelry stores. My rings were obviously crafted on a much more personal and detailed level and continue to catch eyes and receive compliments everywhere I go. They will be pieces to pass down to my children and their children, etc. My setting is tight and secure and I would never allow anyone other than Van Craeynest to touch or handle my jewelry, even though I live outside of the state of California. I truly could not say enough about Van Craeynest's beautiful, quality craftsmanship.

Tracy Warner 10-14-2012

I shopped for years for the perfect ring, and I certainly found it. I receive compliments on my wedding ring often. They usually say they have never seen a ring like it. Of course they haven't, they are one of a kind.

Anne Marie Sorcenelli 3-14-2012

Hi Larry,

It's been a long time. My husband & I invested in your vision in 1994 with the most beautiful wedding set I have ever seen. When complimented on your design; I've always expounded on the amazingly gorgeous work you do and have referred many folks to you. I still adore my piece and my husband after all these years.
Thank you for your truly unique design and the hallmark of our enduring relationship!

All the best,
Anne Marie Sorcenelli

Clara 2-26-2012

My husband surprised me with a beautiful stone for our 25th wedding anniversary, and Larry set it into a style similar to #1026. I've worn my ring everyday for 7 years now, and not only is it just as beautiful as the day Larry made it, I continue to get compliments on how unique and lovely it is. Thank you Larry!

Nick 11-15-2011

I surprised my wife in 2008 when I proposed in Larry's shop with #1023. The best part is that several times a month complete strangers, both men and women, remark on the beauty of this ring. I certainly do not get tired of hearing that. It catches everyone's eye and looks nothing like the mass produced rings available at a mall.